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Handheld UAV Jammer

Model: HWGTUS-1

The drone jammer is designed to prevent spying or being tracked or photographed. This Handheld Drone Jammer is a kind of directional UAV jamming device, which is a very popular jamming device in the market. The gun shape UAV jammer is a portable weapon against UAV, which is a great advantage, providing great flexibility and the opportunity to respond and protect quickly.

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► 2.4kg without gunsight, so it is easy to carry, fast operation, high efficiency. ► 4 frequencies emission (900MHz, 1.5GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz), suit to most civilian UAVs. ► Two Lithium Battery to ensure working for 2 hours. ► High gain directional antenna, the electromagnetic pollution is small.

Technical Specification

Jamming Mode

Expel UAV

Force UAV Landing

Frequency covering band

BAND1: 900Mhz

BAND2: 1.5Ghz (GPS)

BAND3: 2.4Ghz

BAND4: 5.8Ghz

Jamming Distance

1000M - 2000M

Battery capacity


Continuous working time

More than Two hours

Total weight

≦3.1KG (Host 1.85kg, Battery 0.55kg, Targeting sight 0.62kg)


L 490mm x W 60mm x H 300mm (with 80mm sight)

Operating environment

Host: -25℃ ~ +50℃

Battery: -5℃ ~ +50℃

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