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Beijing Heweiyongtai Sci&Tech Co.,Ltd

About Company

Beijing Heweiyongtai Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing and selling Security equipment, EOD products, Rescue productsCriminal investigation ,etc.

Our vision is to provide the latest products and technology at the most reasonable price to our customers, even more important is high quality. Nowadays, our products and equipment are widely applied in public security bureau,court, military, custom, government, airport, port.

The main office is located in Beijing, the capital of China. There are more than 400 square meters showing room where exhibit near hundreds kinds of well-equipped products and equipments. The factory is located in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province.We also establish a R&D center in Shenzhen. Our staffs are all qualified technical and managerial professionals to provide customers satisfied service. With response to the national development strategy of “One Belt and One Road” (OBOR), we have been developing agents in more than 20 different countries. Our products are with great demand at home and abroad.

Our main manufactured products and equipment are as follow

Security Inspection Instruments

Portable Explosive detector, Portable X-ray Scanner,Hazardous Liquid Detector,Non-linear Junction Detector etc.

Anti-terrorism & Surveillance Instruments

Handheld UAV Jammer,Fixed UAV Jammer,Color Low-light Night Vision Investigation System,Listening Through Wall System.

EOD Instruments

EOD Robot ,EOD Jammer ,Bomb Disposal Suit, Hook and Line Kit,EOD Telescopic Manipulator,Mine Detector etc.

Company Culture

●Customer Superior
Providing service exceeding market value and customer expectation by adhering to the concept of “Your Satisfaction, My Wish” to achieve customer all-round satisfaction.

Human Orientated
Employees are the most valuable resource of an enterprise. It is the commitment to respect knowledge, respect individuals and encourage and help individual development.

Integrity First 
Integrity is the precondition for an enterprise to keep foothold and development; keeping promise is the basic principle of our operating management.

Harmony Valued 
“The function of ritual is harmony” is the policy to deal with affairs. The company asks all the employees to strengthen teamwork and deal with the relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and other relevant parties with the harmony-valued attitude.

Efficiency Focused
The company asks the employees to do the right thing in a right way, measures the business performance by efficiency and encourages employees to make further progress and create high performance.
Being steady, profound and reticent is the way the executive leaders and employees act.


About Team

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